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perls classification

We do not use classifications AAAA or A +++ which are not official, and make subjective a classification already difficult to realize objectively. 
We use the official classification of the Ministére de la Perliculture:
Top Gem : perfect pearl, with an excellent luster
Grade A : surface without imperfections on 90%. Very beautiful luster.
Grade B : Smooth surface on 70%. Good luster at minimum.
Grade C : Smooth surface on 40%. Medium luster at minimum.
Grade D : Weak luster, Small imperfections on more than 60%

Determining the quality of a perl

There are other secondary criteria that define the surface quality of the pearl, the basic color, the secondary tints etc...
Besides its diameter and its weight, its shape is classified as follows:

  • Round and half round.
  • Half baroque in the shape of drop, buttons and oval pearls. 
  • Circled, baroque

Conversion between Tahitian classification and Institute Gemnological of America classification :
We require your attention concerning the differences of taxonomy with the Tahitian system. Indeed A grade within the Tahitian classification correponds to top gem pearls, whereas withing the AAA classification, the A grade is a quality so poor that we don't actually them. AAAA, or more A with ++++ don't exist in official grades.

Grading systemGrading description and critria
Top gemme Gem GRADE
  • Flawless pearl with excellent luster
  • Pearls show no imperfection/inclusion before mounting or drilling
  • Flawless on at least 90% of pearl's surface.
  • Only 10% of pearl surface shows slight imperfection, localized on the same spot.
  • A very light imperfection only is acceptable.
  • Pearl will be drilled on the very spot showing imperfection.
  • Pearl luster is excellent.
  • Flawless on at least 80% of pearl's surface.
  • Only 10% of pearl surface shows slight imperfection, localized on the same spot.
  • One or two imperfections are acceptable.
  • Once drilled, pearl will be between clean and almost clean.
  • Luster is between hight and excellent
  • Flawless on at least 70% of pearl's surface. Only 30% of pearl surface may exibit slight, concentrated imperfections
  • Pearl will show only a few impefections once drilled
  • Luster is high to very high
C A+
  • Flawless on at least 40% of pearl's surface
  • Up to 60% of pearl surface may exibit slight, concentrated imperfections
  • Deeper imperfection are localized on 10% of the pearl surface
  • Luster is between medium and very high
D A Imperfections on more than 60% of the surface (we do not sell them)